hello cruel world

considering migrating, yet again.

edit (march 07, 2011):

Ok, officially migrating. The ease and casualness of tumblr did not make up for its unreliability. I’ve never got along with university webpages and I’m also a bit of an academic nomad right now so I needed a third-party place online.

It has been a long 13 or so years on the internet! My earlier memories are yahoo messenger and the yahoo punk chatroom. (I can’t explain why chatrooms disappeared without resorting to some pretty strong cynicism.) Then AOL, which for all their backwardness was sort of ahead of their time. I think much of what makes facebook popular was there in AOL.  It had those simple profiles where you could post swingkids lyrics and things like that.  It was a sterile partition of the internet posing as the internet itself.  Way ahead of its time! The joys of trolling and anonymity discovered in having people threaten to kill your fictitious internet alter-ego.  Also super-ahead of its time (but in a better way) was iam.bme. This was where I first noticed people subsume their offline identities to their online personalities. I have no “body modifications” but I had an account featuring poorly doctored photos of Thurston Moore with piercings I produced in paint.  A dozen or so geocities sites.  Even more old angelfire sites. Guestbooks. Being on livejournal to better hate livejournal. Friendster. Friendster’s who-viewed-your-profile backstab. Myspace – crashing computers with 3 dozen simultaneously loading quicktime files. Facebook as the social network for upper-class white people. Facebook as the benefactor of network externalities, the mess of myspace, and media hype. Facebook as the social network you needed to be on to police photos of yourself. I missed a lot here as well. I didn’t even mention any messageboards.

The point is it feels somewhat futile to get another account after years and years of deleting accounts. I attribute part of this nomadism to being a web 1.5 guy in a web 2.0 world. The communities formed when participating is not easy and costless are in many ways preferable.

Anyhow, now that I’m here, what to do? At the minimum this will be the place for my stuff – the website linked from my cv or whatever. I’d like to use the blogging feature but I worry about what it will devolve into. At best I’ll use it for half-thought out but at least partially substantial mini-essays. At worst I’ll use it to let off steam, produce a bunch of bitter complaining, become bitter about the bitter complaining, and then delete.

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