shit on rye

The “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain” argument is one of those ideas that survives primarily because of its stupidity. It is so empty that there isn’t much to attack. Of course, some people hold onto this as a matter of faith. I typically offer a comprimise compromise based on the following parable.

I’m at a restaurant and the menu has only two choices. I can order the shit on a shingle (literally) or the shit on rye. When my waiter approaches I refuse to order because both choices are simply unacceptable. He returns 5 minutes later with shit on a shingle. I complain, and the waiter responds with:

“Dear sir, how can you complain when you refused to take advantage of the choice I gave you? If you don’t choose, you can’t complain.”

“Listen asshole, I suppose I can’t complain about the shingle, but I sure as hell can complain about the shit.”

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4 Responses to shit on rye

  1. *compromise 🙂
    I agree, however.

  2. Kailash Mahapatra, PhD (Harvard, Yale, Berkeley), CEO says:

    Yes. This is exactly the thesis of Theda Skocpol. You must balance sovereignty and suzerainty.

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