zozan’s academic photos

2015-02-07 07.08.29

This is Zozan’s “Why yes! I was busy doing research because I’m such a productive faculty member but please do come into my office because there is nothing I like more than interacting with students and colleagues just like everyone else in this welcoming academic community” photo for a college website.

2015-02-07 07.08.52

This is Zozan’s “The fate of the world may just rest on this conversation because academics on this campus are always on the cutting edge of deep and important research with immediate applications to questions of global concern” photo for a college website.

This also works as a Zozan telling a student that “Yes you are right; the ladybig is not only red, but it is true to say it is red and many of the other intro students are not ready for multiple color attributes. I’m impressed with your insights this semester and I hope you take some of our upper level courses where we will talk about the fact that the ladybug is also black as well. The end of our textbook does cover a panda bear described as ‘white and black’ but I doubt we will get there this semester, but really you do show promise in this field” photo for a college website.

rejected academic photos

2015-02-07 07.10.57

This book tastes incredible.

2015-02-07 07.08.59

Get the **** out of my office.

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